Percentages - Calculator 1.0

Percentages - Calculator 1.0


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Date Added:18 September, 2014

Author: Philippe JEHANNIN

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Simplify your percentage calculations with 8 preset calculation modes.

- Add a percentage : 45.00 + 19.60% = [53.82]
Usage sample: determine a price including VAT from a price excluding VAT

- Deduct a percentage : 60.00 - 15.00% = [51.00]
Usage sample: calculate a discounted price

- Original value after a percentage added : 53.82 = [45.00] + 19.60%
Usage sample: find a price excluding VAT from a price including VAT

- Original value after a percentage deducted : 51.00 = [60.00] - 15.00%
Usage sample: find the original price from a discounted price

- Value of a percentage : 3.00% of 60.00 = [1.80]
Usage sample: calculate VAT from a excluding VAT price

- Value of a percentage reversed : 3.00 = 60.00 % of [5.00]
Usage sample: find a excluding VAT price from VAT

- Difference between 2 values : 1,347.00 is [29.92]% lower than 1,750.00
Usage sample: determine the difference between gross income and net income

- Percentage of a value : 32.00 = [37.30]% of 85.80
Usage sample: determine part of shipping costs on the total price of an order

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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